I wish more of the free blog templates had larger text – my eyes are in bad shape, and reading small text causes an inordinate amount of strain – by mid afternoon I can barely read. I’m also looking for a different format for this and my dream blog, again to find a bigger default text, as I am not ready to go for the customization, at least not at this point. This theme, Matale, isn’t too bad, the text size is decent enough, and I like how colorful it is, but it’s actually a bit too colorful, as I want to eventually post images in this blog, and I find images work best with fewer distractions. Anyway, if it starts changing around over the next while, it’s because I’m experimenting.

I have noticed some of the newer templates do have a slightly larger text size, perhaps people are listening? That’s a good thing. Meanwhile, by the time I finish my morning mail and other things and am ready to start searching through the templates, I really can’t see very well. *sigh* Which is why it’s taking me so long (or so it seems to me) to get this and the other blog started and formatted like I want. I know I can change headers and all kinds of things, depending on which template I choose, but I don’t really have anything I want to use at the moment to replace them, and am reading through the directions and support articles, which, again, throws my eyes for a loop after awhile.

I do want to say thank you to all those working in support and on the forums – great info, I just have to hang in there. Slowly but surely I am figuring out what to look for in a template, and what it means when I read different terms in association with them – like reflexive width, blogroll, etc. Slowly but surely.

The good news is, I have ordered new glasses, expressly for the PC, so I am hoping that will help.

Meanwhile, I’ve got all the tuits I need, I just have to get my eyes in order.



6 thoughts on “Eyestrain

  1. Hello Judee, perhaps this may help, on your wordpress post editing page you will see “Visual and Html” now on visual which most ppl use try to increase text size by using the headers selection, this should increase the post text size ! Ps don’t think the code, I just tryed here within this comment will work, just tryed it in reply to one of your very kind comments. and it works on my site. Best of luck

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I probably never would have thought of trying that. Actually, I’ve found blogs now with default text that’s readable, if my eyes aren’t too tired, and I can always zoom in a bit – I just wanted others to be able to read comfortably if they didn’t know how to zoom. Thanks again for the help. 🙂

  2. Girl! Get yourself some glasses!! Even if its those cheap ones at Walgreens or something! I really dig the theme of this blog…the colors are pretty groovy! Keep up the writing!

    • Thanks for the visit xojmo! Unfortunately, there are no Wallgreens here (I’m in Switzerland) and even if there were my eyes are too bad – I do wear glasses, just need an upgrade, which has been ordered and hopefully will arrive this next week.

      I like this theme too, but want to try to get something with a slightly larger text and eventually add some of my own graphics to it. It’s my current creative project, lol, or at least my excuse for one. But it takes time.

      Thanks for the good thoughts!

      • Switzerland?! I would love to visit there one day!

        Is there a way to change the font size? Did you look into that? Is that why you were going through the Help pages? I’m probably not telling you something you haven’t already looked into!

      • xojmo – Thanks for the suggestions. Alas, no, the font size isn’t changeable in this theme – and as i understand it, most themes allow only one default font size, but some do allow you to add some kind ot typekit or something.

        However, the strangest thing – the type on this blog seems bigger today, is that possible? No I didn’t change anything, but my eyes do that sometimes – see better on some days than others. But this font is actually large in comparison with a lot of the blogs, so who knows, maybe I’ll keep it for awhile.

        I did spend yesterday looking at different themes, and many of them, most of them had fonts that were difficult for me – maybe this one is actually one of the largest. Funny how perspective can change…

        Nice to hear from you again, thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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