Sunday Post – Light

Well, it’s Wednesday, but that’s just me, I never get things  done on time. 😉 Here is this week’s Sunday Post – Light.  How could I possible resist a topic ike that? If you want participate, or just to see what others have done, click the link or the logo, and go have some fun.

out of the dark



Out of the Dark








And the Gallery:

Thank you for visiting!  — Judee


13 thoughts on “Sunday Post – Light

  1. Hello, Judee these are great my favorite is the “Contrasts” picture it’s funny how pictures of nature play the mind, do you see the towering green man like think within the left of the image from top to bottom the face is near the upper left corner and it seems to be holding its arm out with something on it, anyhow well done they are all very cool thank you.

    • Ah, yes, trees can be like clouds, giving us glimpses of other worlds. Thanks so much for dropping by – and my apologies for missing your last few posts, I’ve been lax on my catching up.

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