Weekly Photo Challenge – Through

Seems I just barely put up last week’s photo and there is another one, lol. I will catch up on checking out the other blogs – one of these days! Meanwhile, this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Through is, as usual, open to interpretation. Go take a look at what others have done by clicking the link.

So, here are my photos for Through

First photo, looking through a glass tunnel, pretty cool, huh?

Next we have what at first looks like tree leaves, but if you look through them you will see buildings beyond.

Now a colorful Japanese entry through to some botanical gardens, if my memory holds true.

And finally, a happy eater, through with his meal, and looking quite satisfied. 🙂

So that’s it for this week’s Photo theme. Hopefully I’ll catch up on some of yours, from both this week and last. And if you’d like to see them in larger format, just click on the images below for Gallery view.



Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

This weeks photo challenge from The Daily Post

# 1  Hoping for a Treat

They knew how to sit and wait, and hope. They knew I would eventually see them waiting patiently and give in to the sweet look of hope on their faces. And yes, this time they did get their treat, as many other times. Both are gone now, after living long treat-filled lives. I miss them, but at least I still remember their looks of hopeful anticipation. They taught me one of life’s sweet lessons – good things come to those who wait.

– on a lighter note –

# 2  Hope for Pedestrians

after those instructions, I hope they made it across!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Simple is a concept that covers so many things. I found myself looking all around me, and really focusing. And isn’t that what life should be about? A simple photo challenge, and we begin to look at the world with new eyes, alert for possibilities. I found so many examples, but most will have to wait for another challenge, another theme.  This particular challenge is dedicated to my daughters, who have brought so much joy into my life just by being who they are.

Sister hands.

The girls found it interesting to compare their hands – they must have been in their early teens when they took this picture. You can see their hands are very different, just as my daughters are – as different as night and day, and yet they complement each other, and have always been best of friends. Can you tell which one is the artist and dreamer, and which one is the thinker and philosopher? Which one is the more outgoing of the two? Which one is the shy one?  I won’t tell, but you can guess if you wish. Both are creative, but in different ways. And speaking of being creative . . .

Sisters Creative.

Each bird was made by a different sister – and they were made years apart, though each girl made their bird at around the same age. See how different? Each one is an original, each one an expression of the child, and therin lies the simplicity, because the beauty of being unique is something no one can hide. From the shape of a hand, to creations made by those same hands, to the words we speak, the way we see life, each child, each person is special and beautiful, simply because they are who they are.

Truth is always simple . . .

Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful

Peaceful Buddha

What is more peaceful than to contemplate these sweet little Buddhas, sleeping and praying and contemplating.  This picture was taken by my daughter when she spent 6 weeks in Japan for a language course. Click on it to make it bigger and you will see their serene expressions. Who could feel stressed when contemplating such inner peace and harmony?

Koi Pond

Another picture from my daughter – this one of a public park and Koi pond. Just imagine sitting there, watching the light play on the water, catching sight of multi colored Koi as they swim near the surface.

What a perfect place to meditate.

Peace to all –  Judee