Digital Art

Art is the expression of self, and the means by which one creates art is not important.

SoftheartedArt is no less art because it was made on a computer. And no less difficult, either, if you consider the time spent learning computer programs that allow us to create art from pixels, electronic signals, and mathematical equations.

These Digital Art programs are our paintbrushes, our paint pots, our canvases. The art comes from the same place it would if we used traditional means. Ultimately, it is the Art itself that counts, because the art is as individual as each of us who creates it.

My intent in this blog is to give you an overview of some of the programs that can be used for artistic creation, self expression, illustration, etc, all by using your imagination and your computer.This page is a place holder, as the overview will start here. I will start with a basic overview of the different kinds of programs. Then I will get more specific, with links to individual programs you can learn to use. Eventually I will be posting some basic tutorials for programs I am familiar with, to help you on your creative adventure.

So stay tuned. You never know when I’ll get a round tuit


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