Creation, Expression, and getting a round tuit

Well, I’ve had a site for a while, but it has gotten so outdated that I decided to revamp it – but one problem, I felt like I wasn’t able to express myself properly in it. And right now, that’s what I am about – expression, writing, speaking my mind. Creativity is also very important for me, but it seems to be on hold for now, for various reasons. Then this morning I got a phone call…

It was from my credit card company, asking if I had made a charge to a certain web service. It was the web service that hosts my site, and it was for $1.00. Odd. The CC company said they had reason to believe my card was compromised – apparently a number of cards had that one small charge on them, like a testing charge, to see if the card is active. They told me that they were cutting off my card now, and would send me a new one.

I did, of course, call my own number for the company to be sure, and yes, my CC was indeed blocked for good, and a new one had been issued. Bottom line is, the company that was hosting my site got this charge checking on the service, so I am wondering if that company was the one that had the leak, if someone hacked into it and got a lot of card numbers. So now I am seriously wondering if I want to continue with that site at all. Oh, it’s good for having a place to upload files, etc, but still, it got me thinking. I had just started a dream blog here at WordPress, so why not a regular blog, too, one in which I can say anything I feel like, one in which I can upload artwork if I want. Who knows, maybe even one day put up my whole site again, but here.

So here I am. As for the tuit, well, I’m sure many of you have heard about it. “I didn’t finish that because I haven’t gotten around to it.” or “Updating my site? One of these days I’ll get around to it. Well, that’s what it’s all about  – get a round tuit, and you can do anything. My site domain is, and my motto for years has been, “Anything is possible when you get a round tuit.”

Will I eventually transfer my whole site to WordPress? I don’t know, I have to learn to use the tools first, so what can I say? Hopefully, one day I will get a round tuit. đŸ™‚