Sunday Post – Light

Well, it’s Wednesday, but that’s just me, I never get thingsย  done on time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here is this week’s Sunday Post – Light.ย  How could I possible resist a topic ike that? If you want participate, or just to see what others have done, click the link or the logo, and go have some fun.

out of the dark



Out of the Dark








And the Gallery:

Thank you for visiting!ย  — Judee


Weekly Photo Challenge – Through

Seems I just barely put up last week’s photo and there is another one, lol. I will catch up on checking out the other blogs – one of these days! Meanwhile, this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Through is, as usual, open to interpretation. Go take a look at what others have done by clicking the link.

So, here are my photos for Through

First photo, looking through a glass tunnel, pretty cool, huh?

Next we have what at first looks like tree leaves, but if you look through them you will see buildings beyond.

Now a colorful Japanese entry through to some botanical gardens, if my memory holds true.

And finally, a happy eater, through with his meal, and looking quite satisfied. ๐Ÿ™‚

So that’s it for this week’s Photo theme. Hopefully I’ll catch up on some of yours, from both this week and last. And if you’d like to see them in larger format, just click on the images below for Gallery view.


Sunday Post – Landscape

Another Sunday Post topic from Jake, this wee’s topic is Landscape. Click on the banner to join the fun.

Shall we start off with a touch of Color? This one could have been in last week’s theme of Colorful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spring Bloom by judee Rendered in Bryce

Another “virtual” landscape, one of my first and few attempts with Terragen.

River Sunset by Judee Rendered in Terragen

I actually haven’t done very many landscapes in digital art, those are two of maybe a handful, so I’ll next present a couple of real photos to go with them. First, the one that follows is the view from my window.

I was lucky enough to catch a rainbow, can you see it? And following, a picture my daughter took of some Japanese gardens during her stay there.

While digital art can be colorful and fun, you it just can’t beat Mother Nature, don’t you agree?

A Twist on Digital Photography

The original intention for this particular blog of mine os for the exploration and expression of digital art, The weekly photos have given me a starting point, because photography, though not my skill set (if I have one) is all about creativity and art. But it’s time to move on with other things, and thanks to this photographic artist I found a link between photography and art that I would not have explored before. Her lovely post on Digital Art linked me to Tutorial from Digital Darkroom Techniques. It shows how to take a regular photo and turn it into a swirl of color and beauty. Here are my first attempts at what might become something fun to do on occasion.

My first attempt, from the picture of a conch shell on a wood surface:

digital twist 01

After that first try, I got experimental, so I’ll show you those results in 3 images. As far as I can tell, this blog theme doesn’t have a gallery post option, so for now, it all gets posted in large format for your viewing pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Oleander Trio:

First image – from a photo of an oleander bush in bloom:

I am new to Photoshop and all it can do, so I just clicked on Invert, thinking it would invert the image horizontally, but I discovered it had a different purpose. I liked the image that resulted, the softer tones, etc, so here it is:

Finally, I did find out how to flip the image, did so, and played with a few color filters. Isn’t it fun? A great way to explore options in a new program.

And for the Finale:

For this one, I want to show you the photograph from which it sprang – this photo is one I took outside my home – view from my computer room balcony at twilight.

and here is the “twister” result:

So there you have it, my first post exploring a digital art technique that is brand new to me. I love learning new things!ย  I look forward to learning new techniques, exploring old ones, and sharing it with you. There is nothing more personal than art, nothing more about sharing. What I create is an expression of who I am, what you see is an expression of who you are.

Above all, – Enjoy!